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Press Release: Easy Mail Plus Ver 2.2
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Collected here is information about Easy Mail Plus we hope you find useful. If you like, we can ship a licensed copy of the program, and the screen shots available. If you download the program, we can provide license information. We want to assist as possible. Please address requests and questions to press at Or call Home Plan Software at 209-286-8011.

Click here to download Easy Mail Plus with the EasyMail database for Windows 95/98/00/NT/ME/XP/Vista. File Name: emplus.exe. Size: 5.2 megs. To install, run the file downloaded. (Ver 1.3.1, uploaded: 05/10/99)

Suggestions: After installation of the above, other components needed can be downloaded from within the program. Please see Updates in the main menu.

A thesaurus, and dictionaries in a variety of languages, are also available. Also the Full Borland Database engine, version 5.0. There is no additional charge to customers for these packages. Please click here for our download page if you need any of these items.

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From the complexity of database management to the design of graphic layouts for envelopes and labels, Easy Mail Plus is more powerful and eaiser to use than is any other mailing list software. We invite you to compare and see for yourself. Easy Mail Plus wins going away!

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What Customers Like Best

Easy Mail Plus adds full database support to it's parent product, Easy Mail. However, the essential structure of Easy Mail that has proved popular with thousands of customers has been maintained. Here's a brief list of elements customers like best that are common to both programs.

  • Ease to use.

  • Fast startup.
  • Intuitive screens with large easy-to-find buttons.
  • 8 pre-defined envelope sizes, 4 US and 4 metric.
  • 16 pre-defined Avery label sizes/sheets, 8 US and 8 metric.
  • Redefine any envelope or label size.
  • Free-form address format in mailing lists.
  • Design and store an unlimited number of envelope and label formats with the mouse; select the one to use with a click.
  • Design and store an unlimited number of letterheads with the mouse and easily switch between them.
  • Assign specific addresses to particular labels with the mouse. Only labels assigned are printed, which assures none are wasted.
  • Create as many separate mailing lists as needed.
  • Full featured editor.
  • Fast email support. Phone support available during business hours.

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What Easy Mail Plus Adds

Here is a brief listing of the major tools Easy Mail Plus adds to those in Easy Mail

  • Full database mailing list management

  • Selection of addresses by tagging
  • Selection of addresses with filters which can be edited and saved
  • Personalized mailing (Mail Merge)
  • Automatic update of Reference Date on mailing
  • Automatic insertion of city and state on zip code entry
  • Address books for both fax numbers and email addresses
  • Movement of text or graphics within the editor with the mouse
  • Merge of text at the cursor position
  • Record or replay keyboard and mouse macros
  • Support for .BMP, .GIF, JPG, JPEG, WMF, and .ICO files
  • Support for additional popular labels including those used with diskettes, audio and video cassettes.

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Big Little Things That Add Up

To describe the features listed above in any detail, would take more words than most would want to read. Then there are elements not even mentioned. Here are a few tools not mentioned described in more detail. Hopefully they will demonstrate the care and planning implemented throughout Easy Mail Plus.

The Backup Routine:

The kinds of files you want to back up are selected by clicking on the type. The program "remembers" your selections. Specific files to be backed up are displayed in a list. You can delete as needed with a click, and browse for a file you want to add to the list. Designated files can be backed up with a click.

After files are compressed and copied, a report is displayed verifying each file, it's destination and date and time. Unsuccessful attempts are logged. You can save the report to a file or print it.

There is simply no better way to handle backing up critical data.


A number of pre-configured reports are provided. But you are invited to create custom reports to specifically fit your needs. And it's very easy to do.

Available fields are displayed. You simply drag one to a list to be used. For each, you are asked for a heading for the field. As it is created, the report is updated with the heading selected as well as the actual data. Each time you add a field, all headings and data are displayed. A click saves the format. The next time you click on "User Configured Reports," the new format is displayed with others you have created. Click to select any format, then view or print the report.

There is simply no easier way to create report formats. And this approach assures you get exactly the reports you need.

Address Formats:

Four address formats can be defined by specifying from 3 to 8 lines, each from 30 - 50 character in length. You drag database fields from a list, and drop them on the appropriate line. Options include your preferences for punctuation. At print time, addresses too large to fit on the selected envelope or label are automatically output in a smaller font size to avoid truncation of the address.


By selecting Updates in the main menu, the database engine or thesaurus can be downloaded and automatically installed with a click. Further, you can download the latest zip code data and on-line help file, both of which are updated as appropriate. More important is the Update option. When clicked, changes and fixes in the latest version of Easy Mail Plus are briefly defined. If you want the upgrade, a click downloads and installs it, then restarts the system with the latest version. Note there is never a charge for updates.

Hopefully the above demonstrates our commitment to ease of use and attention to details. You will find these characteristics in all elements of the program.

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I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Easy Mail Plus. I have always had separate programs for my addresses, envelopes and letter writing. The whole idea of it is great. . . . This is one awesome program. I am going to tell everyone about it. Keep up the good work.
Carol <>

The fix was in before the problem was noticed!!!!!!!!! It doesn't get any better than that. It works GREAT. Thanks. You don't know how much I use this little puppy.
Chick Aby <>

I would like to thank you for the quick response after I sent the fax to order my unlock key. I just barely hung up the phone, then checked my email and there it was! Thank you again.
Richard Vogl <>

I have been using your software since March now and have found your Easy Mail Plus to be the most valuable program that I have.
Mike <>

As a registered user of Easy Mail, I decided to beta test Easy Mail Plus - Standard Edition. I found that using this version made it easier to add addresses and print up envelopes and labels. Thank you for developing such great, easy to work with programs.
Josh Schnapp <>

Many thanks. Easy Mail Plus smoothly guided me through the steps. Brilliant!
R.B. Morrison <>

You are a master. The dialer works great, I especially like the option of phone 1 or 2.
Jerry Queen <>

This program is the most thought out of all Database/Labelmaker/Envelope type programs I have ever used.
Ray Haddock <>

There was a movie, "The Deer Hunter" with Robert DeNiro. I am sure you remember. There was a song in this movie, a part of it goes like this... you just to good to be true... and this is what I say for your program. It is very easy to work with it and it is a great help for my office work.
Marchiotti Ivan <>

"If you need an application to help you create envelopes, mailing labels, and letters, then look no further." - Microsoft Windows User Group Hall of Fame

"Easy Mail is an easy-to-use application that serves as a complete correspondence center." - Ziff Davis Award: Five of Five stars

'Easy Mail' a pain-free way to get jobs done: I can unqualifiedly say that if you need to print on envelopes or print labels, for home use or business, you can hardly do better than "Easy Mail." - Tom Nelson, "The Billing's Gazette," March 2, 1999.

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Press Release: Easy Mail Plus 2.2


For Immediate Release

Contact: Chuck Herndon, 209-286-8011


Free optional packages include a thesaurus, spell-checkers in a variety of languages, and a full-featured editor.

Easy Mail costs $49.95. Order by calling 209-286-8011.

Web: <>
Home Plan Software
8437 Center Street
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

# # #

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About The Company

Home Plan Software was founded in 1989. Home Plan, CAD software to assist in designing homes, was released as shareware in 1992. It continues to be marketed and supported. A Windows version has been tentatively scheduled for release in the last quarter of 1999. Custom software production and support remain an important part of the business.

Easy Mail was first released in December of 1997, and continues to be enhanced. Easy Mail Plus, released in the third quarter of 1999, adds full database capability and a host of powerful options to it's parent product, Easy Mail.

Home Plan Software has been a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals since 1992.

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About The Author

Chuck Herndon and his wife Antoinette live in Mokelumne Hill in the California foothills. Chuck took up computer programming in 1979, while working for the Ford Motor Company, supporting test equipment to diagnose Ford's electronic engine control systems.

In 1989, Chuck opened shop as Home Plan Software. Home Plan Pro, CAD software to assist in designing homes, was released as shareware in 1992. Chuck continues to market and support this product. Easy Mail was first released in December of 1997, Easy Mail Plus in September, 1999. Enhancement of both programs continues.

Antoinette is a newspaper columnist, biographer, and novelist. They have three children and eight grandchildren.

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Contact Information

Voice: 209-286-8011

US Mail . . .
Home Plan Software
8437 Center Street
Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245

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Screen Shots Of Easy Mail Plus

Below are links to screen shots that provide a bit of the look and feel of Easy Mail Plus. We hope you find them helpful.

Screen Shots Reduced

Database Address List: This screen displays selected fields in all or selected records. Records can be tagged or selected by filtering in a variety of ways.

Data Entry Screen: Available from the database address list above, provides for editing or deletion of records, and for adding new ones. Features automatic loading of city and state upon zip code entry. Phone numbers can be automatically dialed.

Printing Envelopes: Envelopes can be printed individually or one can be printed for each of selected records in a list. Optionally include a logo or graphic and the postal bar code. Easily design different layouts to meet different needs.

Assigning Addresses To Labels: Addresses can be automatically assigned to labels from all or a filtered list, or they can be assigned individually, assuring no label is ever wasted.

Address Books For Personal Contacts: While database files are ideal for holding and tracking usage of long lists of addresses, many find an Address Book perfect for tracking small lists, or addresses of relatives, friends, and important contacts.

Easy Mail Plus Editor: Includes those features expected in a comprehensive editor, and much more, including full graphics support. Documents can be printed, faxed, individually or emailed to all of a selected list of addresses.

Selecting Envelope Feed Method: As is common throughout Easy Mail Plus, selecting the way in which envelopes feed into your printer is as easy as clicking a picture of the way it is done on yours.

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Database Address List

  • Displays selected fields in all or selected records.

  • Fields shown and column headings can be changed to suit.
  • Each record is associated with a user defined category for selection by same.
  • Records can be tagged manually by clicking the Tag column or by pressing Ctrl+Space anywhere in the record.
  • Quick Filter allows selection of records according to text entered in a single field, such as a city name.
  • Set Filter allows selection upon multiple criteria; filters can be saved and edited.
  • Selected records can automatically be printed on envelopes or labels, used to create mail merge documents, or to create a new list.

    sdataList.Gif : 27 KB -

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    Data Entry Screen

    • Any field can be edited at any time, available from the database address list by double-clicking a record or clicking the Edit button in that screen.

    • Features automatic entry of city and state upon entry of zip code.
    • Either phone number can be automatically dialed.
    • A category can be associated with each record, providing a useful way to collect a set of records.
    • Three optional data fields are available for in-house notations; they can be filtered as in using any other field.
    • The Reference Date can automatically be updated when the record is used.
    • Date Entered can automatically be inserted upon entry of a new record.

    sDataEnt.Gif: 35 KB -

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    Printing Envelopes

    • Addresses can be typed directly or pasted to an envelope for individual mailings.

    • Addresses can be selected individually from a list or an envelope can automatically be printed for each selected record in a list.
    • 4 US and 4 metric sizes are pre-defined; each can be redefined as needed.
    • Design as many different layouts as needed for each envelope size; optionally include a logo or graphic, a note, and the postal bar code.
    • Graphics can be positioned and resized with the mouse.

    sPrtEnvel.Gif: 23 KB -

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    Assigning Addresses To Labels

    • All or selected addresses on a list can be automatically assigned to label sheets.

    • Addresses can be assigned to specific labels as shown below, assuring no label is ever wasted.
    • Easy Mail Plus supports 8 US and 8 metric pre-defined label sizes, any of which can be modified to suit specific needs.
    • Output can include a return address, logo, and postal bar code provided the label is large enough.

    sLabAsgn.Gif: 35 KB

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    Address Books For Personal Contacts

    • Use Address Books for tracking small lists, or the addresses of relatives, friends and important contacts.

    • The free-form format of addresses makes adding and editing easy.
    • All or selected addresses from the list can be printed on envelopes or labels as from a database list.
    • Ideal for printing a single letter, envelope or label.
    • As with database lists, create as many Address Books as needed.

    sAddBook.Gif: 21 KB

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    The Editor

    • Includes all the features expected in a comprehensive editor.

    • A thesaurus and dictionaries in a variety of languages are available at no charge.
    • Features mail merge to a selected list.
    • Documents can be faxed individually or emailed to all of a selected list.
    • Provides full graphics support.
    • As many different letterheads as needed can be designed and saved for later use.

    sEditor.Gif: 38 KB

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    Selecting Envelope Feed Method

    • Telling Easy Mail Plus how envelopes feed through your printer amounts to selecting one of the pictures below and clicking it.

    • A selection never needs to be changed unless you decide to use a different printer.
    • Your current printer settings are used whatever they may be; you never need to make a change to accommodate Easy Mail Plus.

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