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The fee to register Easy Mail Plus is $49.95 (nothing more to pay).
If you already have a copy of Easy Mail Plus, all you need is the unlock code.

If you don't have a copy, you can download the installation file now: Download

Try out Easy Mail Plus free for thirty days.
Order the unlock code at any time to convert Easy Mail Plus to a fully registered version.

Logo Logo Click below to Order:

We will E-mail the unlocking code.     $49.95 (one-time charge)

We will E-mail the unlock code and mail a CD.    ($7.95 extra)
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Trace an existing order
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Easy Mail: $34.95

  • Features our free-form mailing list format for easy editing and updating. Recommended for those with small lists who appreciate simplicity.

For Easy
Mail Users

  • Licenced users of Easy Mail may purchase a copy of Easy Mail Plus at half price: $24.95

Click here to order!

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You may also order in any of the following ways.

Send your order information directly to us.

Order Telephone:
1 800 903 4152
+49 221 31088 20

This is the ShareIt order number.
Ask for product # 171618

Order Fax:
1 724 850 8187
+49 221 31088 29

Print the program order form and sign it before faxing.

NOTE: Fax, phone, and email orders require human intervention.
The fastest way to get your unlock information is to use the automated order process.

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